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Alliander is the largest energy grid management company in the Netherlands, with more than 5,500 employees. Alliander consists of three divisions: Liander, Liandon and Liandyn. Grid operator Liander has 2.8 million customers and provides connection to as well as transport of gas and electricity in approximately one third of the Netherlands. Liandon offers competitive services in the field of building and maintaining complex energy infrastructures. Liandyn is specialized in public lighting, traffic control installations and camera surveillance.

A pioneer in the energy transition

As a grid management company Alliander plays an important role in the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. Following our mission, our task is to ensure a reliable energy supply. We have both an expert and a social role to play and as such we are working to make possible future scenarios, which include decentralized energy generation, smart energy networks, electric cars, biomass from cattle-breeding or a solar collector on everyone's roof.


The importance that energy has for the clients to which we deliver our products and services is crucial in the way Alliander does business. We cannot bring about future developments as a single network company, which is why we collaborate with other stakeholders. Next to testing electric cars ourselves, we co-initiated the construction of 10,000 charging stations for electric transport in the Netherlands, the first of which have already been completed. Among others, Alliander also works together with the municipality of Amsterdam on the project Amsterdam Smart City. We are collaborating on this initiative in order to reduce CO2 and achieve energy saving goals on a European, national and city-level (Amsterdam). For more examples please refer to our website.

About Alliander

The network company Alliander manages the regional energy grids for electricity in Gelderland, Noord-Holland, Friesland, Flevoland, parts of Zuid-Holland as well as the city of Amsterdam. In addition, we deliver network-related services in the field of complex energy infrastructures and public spaces. Alliander has a leading position in the Dutch energy transport market with an annual turnover of approximately €1.7 billion.