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Smart use of ICT

The energy sector finds itself at the beginning of an unknown transformation. It is not only that world-wide demand for fuels keeps rising, prices of fuels are also more volatile than ever before, the uncertainty on the financial markets continues and climate change is high on the global political agenda. It is of the utmost concern that utility suppliers, companies and consumers work together to make more intelligent use of energy. ICT has a supporting, but crucial role in the smart use of different energy resources. The energy transition model offers possibilities for judging what are the best energy sources to invest in, so as to meet energy needs and sustainability targets. The part CGI plays, consists of aggregating data from all sources, validating, analyzing and reporting, so that people can make well-founded decisions. Rob Leijn, managing director Energy, Utilities & Telecom of CGI: 'The use of new and existing methods for generating and storing energy is of key importance for energy companies in order to survive. The energy transition model creates awareness of a fundamental energy transition taking place to fulfill energy needs. With the intelligent solutions of CGI, companies can adequately respond to this transition.'

CGI provides a bridge between business and ICT

CGI is an international ICT-service provider with more than 20 years of experience in the utility industry. By forming a bridge between the business of our clients and the use of ICT, we have helped quite a few organizations in this sector. This has enabled utility companies to work more efficiently with their resources, to grow and to assume leadership positions. CGI has gained an excellent reputation in the energy industry by its knowledge of the market and the business, the commitment of the persons involved and the use of advanced technologies. It is hardly surprising that CGI used its innovative strengths to come up with a unique model, in collaboration with a number of important players in the market, in which the current and future energy situations for the Netherlands can be simulated. The development of this model has originated in the recognition that the transition to a greater independence of fossil fuels is one of the most important themes of the coming years.