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Energy research with a global scope

Through research, the publication of studies, information releases (particularly through the media and internet) and the organisation of courses and training programmes, the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP) makes a fundamental contribution to the public debate on international politics and economic developments in the energy sector (oil, gas and electricity).

Dynamic energy markets

CIEP addresses the energy market from a dynamic perspective, assessing the interaction between producing and consuming nations in their ambition to respectively consume clean, affordable and secure supply of energy sources and produce and sell energy sources at a competitive price while ensuring security of demand. The dynamics between energy consumers, producers and their respective economic agents also comes to the fore in the discussion on climate change.

Questions relevant to CIEP’s research are, for instance: what are the consequences of a low-carbon energy transition for the energy producer – consumer dialogue? How are countries’ negotiating positions on climate change and the energy policy of their energy mix related? In which way will the development of new energy technologies in the fields of renewables and energy efficiency affect existing energy relations between countries, without disregarding the need of conventional energy sources for the transition period?

Moving Forward

CIEP supports efforts that give insight in the intricacies and difficulties of energy transition pathways. One of the main challenges of energy transition is awareness of the possibilities and configuration of the road towards a world reliant on sustainable energy sources. The Energy Transition Model makes a valuable contribution by enabling groups to gain further insight into the challenges of global energy transition, ranging from energy professionals to the wider public.