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Multi utility

In a time in which businesses usually choose to focus on their ‘mono-utility’ core activity, DELTA distinguished itself with a contemporary service pack which takes puts caring for the client's needs first. For these combined services, the company introduced the notion of ‘multi utility’. With this unique proposition the company is successful in providing services to the majority of the consumer market in Zeeland, as well as to a significant portion of the business markets.

From Zeeland and independent

The combined offering of energy, telecommunications and internet services among others is one of DELTA's strategic pillars. The connection with Zeeland is a second one. The company has its roots in the province, its history going back to 1919. The corporate culture, usually described as ‘sober and reliable’ is cherished and expresses itself in the way we approach the customer: competitively priced services with no frills.

The connection with Zeeland can also be found in the fact that the company's shares, as a public limited liability corporation, are owned by municipals (50%) and the province of Zeeland (50%). DELTA, one of the most important employers in the South West of the Netherlands, has its head office in Middelburg, but also has offices in other places both in- and outside of the province. An active policiy of sponsorship also contributes to the connection with the province. DELTA attaches great importance to its independent position, which is the third pillar of our corporate strategy. The company has the support of its shareholders and puts its profitable philosophy into practice to the contentment of all its stakeholders.

Sustainable growth

DELTA is continually researching realistic and sustainable solutions for waste processing of energy production. At the start of 2007, DELTA obtained the majority of shares of the Flemmish company Indaver. This step into the international market of waste processing strengthened our multi-utility strategy. In the same period, DELTA took over Solland: a substantial impulse for the development of solar energy and for the development of DELTA towards becoming a sustainable energy company. Moreover, DELTA is involved in the production of bio-fuels though its subsidiary Biovalue in Eemshaven.