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New energy era

We are standing on the brink of a new energy era. Because of the climate crisis and the exhaustion of fossil fuels, the coming decades we will have to make the transition to a sustainable energy supply. The sustainable energy transition will change our society and economy in a similarly drastic way as oil and coal did more than a century ago. Our strong dependence on fossil fuels and the traditional, fossil way of thinking about energy are the greatest obstacles on the path to the new energy era.

Sustainable strategy

In 2007 Eneco made the strategic choice of pursuing a sustainable course. During the coming years we will invest heavily in energy saving and both large and small scale energy production from wind, solar PV and biomass. Next to that, we will focus on flexible and efficient gas-fired power plants, underground storage of gas and combined heat and power units (CHP). Eneco considers natural gas the cleanest and most efficient fossil fuel available during the transition to a sustainable energy supply. Moreover, flexible gas-fired power plants are best suited to compensate for the fluctuating output of sustainable means of electricity producion. Eneco explicitly does not choose coal-fired or nuclear power plants.

Making clear choices

As a Dutch energy company we wish to make a substantial contribution to the Dutch energy and climate policy targets for 2020. We believe that the climate for investments in sustainable energy in the Netherlands is insufficiently stimulating, however, to be able to see these ambitions for energy and the climate fulfilled. The most important reason for this is that the Ntherlands do not make enough clear choices for both the short and long term. As a result, the Netherlands have not made enough progress towards having one of the most sustainable and efficient energy supply systems in Europe.

Common challenge

Eneco considers the transition to a sustainable energy supply as a common challenge for public authorities, politicians, business, science, non-governmental organizations and consumers. The Energy Transition Model (ETM) is a practical tool for clarifying and visualizing the fundamental choices for our energy future. As such, the ETM can make an important contribution to the political and public debate about a sustainable energy future for the Netherlands and towards establishing a basis support in society for such a future.