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About E.ON Benelux

E.ON Benelux is part of E.ON AG., one of the world’s largest private energy companies with more than 26 million customers in 30 countries. E.ON employs in excess of 85,000 personnel and posted just over € 92 billion sales in 2010.

E.ON Benelux produces and supplies electricity, heat and gas to private customers and ranks among the biggest suppliers to the corporate market in the Netherlands. The company has some 1900 MW capacity in place in South Holland province, mainly in the Maasvlakte area. Construction of a new 1100MW plant is underway at this location. E.ON Benelux also has power plants in Belgium with some 940 MW capacity in place at Vilvoorde and Langerlo (Genk). We are active in the business segment of this market. E.ON Benelux has around 900 personnel. The head office is in Rotterdam.

Ambition and position within a sustainable future for energy

E.ON has closely meshed plans in the Benelux area and Europe. We are uniquely aware of the far-reaching choices ahead. The way we act as one of the world’s biggest energy companies – whether in terms of TWh generated or the scale of our sustainable energy production – is evidenced in global statistics. This growth helps determine our mindset and approach. Shouldering this responsibility is our aim and obligation with an eye to personnel, customers and shareholders.

Almost without exception parties in Europe focus on some 80 percent renewable energy sources – like wind, solar and biomass - around 2050, with matching reductions in CO2 emissions . However, while environmental bodies seek the fastest possible switch to solar and wind power, we believe in a more phased transition. Affordability and security of supply are among our priorities in this context. E.ON believes in a combined approach with increasing investment in the sustainable generation of energy and making conventionally generated energy sustainable. We also work with our customers to realize savings at home and in the workplace.

Clear communication, openness to dialogue and insights into the true facts are all mandatory in the energy transition and the choices made by E.ON. To this end E.ON works with other companies and organisations in the energy sector within the Energy Transition Model (ETM) towards data as a basis for valid and sound conclusions.