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Essent is a Dutch utility company that sells gas, electricity and heat to households and businesses. The company considers the Netherlands as its domestic market, but has gained a considerable market position in Germany and is increasingly active in Belgium. Essent produces a large part of the energy it supplies in electric power plants and waste incineration plants, but increasingly also using sustainable sources such as wind and biomass. Essent offers electricity to about 2.6 million customers in the Netherlands and gas to about 2.0 million customers. Measured by revenues, Essent is market leader in the Netherlands.

Why participate?

Utility company Essent considers the energy transition model as a high-quality educational tool, which can be used by students at both secondary and higher education levels and others interested in gaining more insight into the interdependence of reliability - affordability - sustainability in energy provision in the Netherlands. The model shows users at what pace new production capacity can be developed and what consequences that has for production costs and security of supply, for example. In addition, the required time frame for change becomes more apparent.

Essent contributes to the content of the Energy transition model by validating data concerning the market and production possibilities and keeping this data up to date.