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GasTerra is an international company trading in natural gas. It operates on the European energy market and has a significant share of the Dutch gas market. It also provides gas-related services. The company has a strong purchasing position and has over 40 years of experience in purchasing and selling natural gas.

The economic and social value of natural gas as a source of energy gives the company an important role in utilising the domestic gas reserves and in energy supply in the Netherlands and the EU. GasTerra promotes the safe and efficient consumption of natural gas and takes active steps to develop further applications. The company recognises the great importance of energy transition to sustainable energy supplies and initiates projects in that context.

Gas-related transition activities

A reliable energy supply and the careful application of natural gas as a precious national resource is seen by society as a major priority, especially in the light of current climate and energy concerns. GasTerra expanded its activities in these areas. GasTerra regards measures to assist the transition from conventional energy consumption to more renewable sources of energy as one of its duties, in line with the core activities described earlier.

The underlying principles are clear: wherever natural gas can play a role in conserving energy or making it cleaner, greener or more sustainable, GasTerra will investigate the feasibility and application of such alternatives with numerous other organisations. GasTerra will also invest in the development of advanced equipment or expertise, which it will include in its policy-making on transition.