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UNETO-VNI is the Dutch trade organization for entrepreneurs in installation and technical retail businesses. The association represents over 5,300 installation businesses with a turnover of 10.5 billion Euros and 1,800 stores with a turnover of 2.7 billion Euros. For UNETO-VNI energy conservation and sustainability are part of its core policy.

Energy conservation and sustainable energy have long since stopped being science fiction. UNETO-VNI’s members already provide their customers with smart energy systems that conserve the environment and lower energy costs. Thanks to a range of innovative technologies, the installation trade contributes to cuts in CO2 emissions in both housing, and non-residential real estate and in industry. According to UNETO-VNI, it is technologically feasible to save 50% of the fossil energy used in non-residential buildings by applying smart energy solutions, such as heating and cooling using thermal storage, generating energy from biomass and the application of energy saving lighting systems. The potential for energy conservation in households is considerable as well. Increased insulation and the use of sustainable energy from solar panels or heat pumps are notable examples.

The transition to sustainable energy does not just benefit the environment. A more rapid energy transition would mean 17,000 new jobs in the installation industry alone and generate an added value of 1.2 billion Euros per year for the Dutch economy. Even more important how a more rapid transition to sustainability would boost the power to innovate. The trade organization has documented its vision of sustainability and energy conservation in the publication ‘Een groene kans voor open doel’ (A green shot on open goal’).