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The Energy Transition Model is an independent, comprehensive and fact-based energy model that is used by governments, corporations, NGOs and educators in various countries. It is backed by more than twenty partners.

Packed with information on many countries and regions, the model is used by policy makers, experts, and educators to evaluate energy scenarios.

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Can you create a clean energy future for 2030 and keep the lights from going out when there is no wind or sunshine? Can you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep global warming in check? Can you do all that at the lowest possible costs?


Together with GasTerra and a large number of other partners, Quintel Intelligence develops an educational programme to let children and students discover the main causes and consequences of important developments in our energy system by themselves.

We currently develop educational materials for secondary school and higher vocational education, as well as for academic and post-doctoral programmes.

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About Us

Quintel aims to accelerate energy transition, and we believe that this requires a profound understanding of the energy system.

For this reason we have developed – and have kept improving – the Energy Transition Model since 2010. We also facilitate fact-based discussions, give workshops, and contribute to various education projects. The ETM code and data is open-source.

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