About Quintel

The ETM is developed and maintained by Quintel. Quintel aims to accelerate the energy transition with state-of-the-art and open-source tools and data. We do this in collaboration with our partners. In addition to our continuous development of the ETM, we help grid operators, policy makers, consultants, and many others to use and apply the ETM.

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Open source

At Quintel we strongly believe that sharing knowledge and a collaborative approach can greatly accelerate the energy transition. Therefore, we offer the ETM as a fully open-source tool. This means that anyone can access, review, and improve the data, calculations, definitions, and software that is part of the model.

While the ETM is created and developed by Quintel, it is made possible thanks to the work of thousands of contributors to open-source projects such as Ruby on Rails, Backbone, React, and many more. Icons and images used in the ETM are thanks to Hero Icons, Font Awesome, and Freepik (Flaticon).

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Development process

The modelling principles and the data underlying the ETM are continuously maintained and improved by Quintel to match the ever-changing needs of the energy transition. These needs are indicated in part by our users, who can propose changes on any part of the model due to its open-source nature.

Additionally, these needs come from our extensive network of partners, who we collaborate with in development projects. Do you have any suggestions for model improvements?

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The expansion and improvement of the ETM fully depends on (the continuous) support from partners. Over the years many grid operators, government parties, consultancies, universities, and knowledge institutes have actively contributed knowledge and resources making sure the ETM remains a leading open-source tool. Are you interested in collaborating to expand or improve the ETM?

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