Coupling energy models with the Mondaine Suite

The energy transition is a complex challenge. Multiple energy models are used to explore different parts of this challenge. A collaboration between these models makes it possible to exploit the strengths of each individual model.

In the context of the Mondaine project, the Energy System Description Language (ESDL) has been developed to support the communication between the different models - it allows the models to ‘speak’ the same language. ESDL can be used to describe information about spatial, technical, economical, social and temporal aspects of the energy transition, all in relation to each other. This makes it possible for a model to build further upon information from another model.

The ETM is compatible with most energy systems defined in ESDL. The ESDL file will be converted into slider settings - this makes it possible to explore the future energy system in the ETM and allows you to continue working on the scenario.

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